SD card Missing' error and how to resolve it

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SD card Missing' error and how to resolve it

Message  HarryJenkins le Jeu 11 Jan - 10:55

I do a lot of bug testing on devices and come across the most random one I've seen yet on the Oneplus 5, and after contacting Oneplus about it, they fobbed me off saying that I was wrong.

On the 5, while I was trying to take a screen shot it come up with a error code of 'SD card Missing' which at a first glance shouldn't happen as we all know that it doesn't have a SD card slot, so I kept trying, and did a couple of power cycles and still got the same error... Odd right?

As a result, I couldn't save any files, photos or run any updates and on the memory page in settings, it couldn't show anything.

So poked a bit deeper in the error logs, and woo found this?

Please help.
I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

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